Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week 16

Week 16: Bee-Ritt's {faces} of the week
106/365: Saturday, cold, tired {squinty eyes}, happy
107/365: Sunday, sunshine, friends, {smiley}, happy
108/365: Monday, stressed, grateful, {unsure}, content
109/365: Tuesday, stressed, tired, {pouty}, overwhelmed
110/365: Wednesday, stressed, tired, {odd}, two-faced (get it?? there are two of my faces in this picture...haha good one britt.)
111/365: Thursday, loving, excited, {relaxed}, happy
(YAY FOR DAY 111!!!)

112/365: Friday, tired, tasty, {joyful}, sleepy
113/365: Sorry this is not of my face so you get no clever explanation haha. Just enjoy the Easter eggs! :)
Did you notice that most of my pictures said "sleepy"? Ha yeah...rough week I tell ya! I look forward to this week though because something tells me it'll be very fun! I look forward to updating you in a week! Until then, peace.

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