Sunday, January 1, 2012

Week 50

 Week 50: Na, na, na, na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye!

 359/365: Christmas morning loot.

 360/365: Playing with my new camera.

 361/365: Lights at the Riverwoods in Provo.

 362/365: Beautiful sunsets this week!!!

 363/365: Total high school girls goof-off night. "7 things I hate about you!!!!" :)

 364/365: 1st Utah Jazz game of the season!

365/365: Wow I did it!!! 365 days of pictures - can  you believe it?! Goodbye Project {365}! It's been real, it's been fun, and it's been a year full of memories!

Week 49

 Week 49: {explanation} of the picture.
 352/365: Adam's {homecoming}.

 353/365: Annual {pedicures} with my mom and sisters!

 354/365: {Channy poo} came to visit!!

 355/365: Kayden seeing {Santa} for the 1st time.

 356/365: {Last minute} picture of the day with Scyler.

 357/365: Annual {Christmas drive} to see the lights. Look who we found - The Grinch! :)

358/365: {Christmas Eve} pajamas.

Week 48

 Week 48: {three words}

345/365: {Denver Broncos game}

 346/365: {Thanks Aunt Sherri!}

 347/365: {Really foggy night}

 348/365: {Grizzly hockey game}

 349/365: {Looking at lights}

 350/365: {Footloose with Derek}

351/365: {Utah Jazz scrimmage}

Week 47

 Week 47: {explanation} of the picture.

 338/365: I usually just make brownies to eat the {brownie mix}. YUM!

 339/365: Ashley and I making a {video} for our final in Kindergarten Guidance.

 340/365: {I just LOVE {Michelle's Sacajawea shirt} ;)

341/365: So sad that I have to take back the best {quote} ever!!!! hahaha

342/365: {Packing} for my Denver trip!
 343/365: {My first plane ride ever!!!!!!}

344/365: {Shopping} in Westminster, CO.