Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Week 46

**Disclaimer: I still haven't fixed the margins of this blog yet so the first few pictures are overlapping with the writing. I'm over it. Not really cause it bugs me super bad, but it's all good. :)

 Week 46: {How I was feeling...}

 322/365: {Proud of my Papa.}

 333/365: {Pure joy and excitement.}

 334/365: {Magical.}

 335/365: {Content and Cold.}

 336/365: {Happy, stressed, confused, motivated, sad.}

337/365: {Joyful and Triumphant}

Week 45

Week 45: {explanation of the picture}
 315/365: {Mom & Dad spoke in church today! Sneaky sneaky picture! haha}

 316/365: {Craft night with Shalese and Tausha!}

 317/365: {Last day of teaching in my 1st grade classroom!}

 318/365: {Taco Bell #2 for Stefan.}

 319/365: {Our annual "Happy Thanksgiving" photo!}

 320/365: {Pizza party @ Lauren's with the high school amigos.}
321/365: {I made wall prints all night long.}

Week 44

 Week 44: {three words}

 308/365: {reading for school}

 309/365: {first hot chocolate}

 310/365: {welcome home Stefan}

 311/365: {iPhone talking mouth}

 312/365: {Thanksgiving hand paint}

 313/365: {beautiful colorful sunset}

314/365: {after two years}

Week 43

 Week 43: {who I was with}

 301/365: {My two little nephews at Lincoln's baby blessing.}

 302/365: {My boy Wesley Matthews!!!! at the NBA charity game.}

303/365: {D.Slauss and Nick in my roooooom.}
 304/365: {Me. Myself. I. and Gummy Vites.}

 305/365: {Me. Myself. I and Food.}

306/365: {All of my friends at my 11/11/11 party!}
307/365: {Shalese, Tausha, and Ashley (not pictured) shopping at the mall.}
Wow.... I am a month behind! C'mon bee-slice get it going!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Week 42

Week 42: {one word}

 294/365: {friends}

 295/365: {Halloween}

 296/365: {Redbox}

 297/365: {Teaching}

 298/365: {Bowling}
 299/365: {Reunion}
300/365: {Guitars :)}

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week 41

Week 41: {explanation}
287/365: {I turned 21! Happy Birthday to me.}
288/365: {I went on a random Target shopping run after work and bought these bad boys!}
 289/365: {Astra's viewing was so cute and had so many fun pictures to look and at remember.}

290/365: {I said goodbye to an elementary best friend today. Live, Love, Breathe baby Stra!!}
 291/365: {I MET JIMMER FREDETTE in Robert's Crafts!! Check that off my Provo to-do list.}

 292/365: {Ke$ha for Halloween.}

293/365: {Happy Birthday Papa John}

Week 40

 Week 40: {Who I was with.}

 280/365: {Kellie, Ash, Emily, and my Mom} driving back from St. George.

 281/365: {Talysha and Ashley} wearing our twinner shirts at escuela. 

 282/365: {Jennifer} at the park eating dinner.

283/365: {Jennifer} at the Provo vs. Timpview football game.
 284/365: {Shalese, Michelle, Timmy, JB Cumrine, and Kyle} eating breakfast at Kneaders. 

 285/365: {Ashley, Mom and Kayden} up in Logan, UT at the Pumpkin Walk. It was so beautiful up there!!

286/365: {My family } at the BYU game for my birthday!

Week 39

 Week 39: {Quote}

273/365: {"You are tots gorg."- Kim Kardashian}

 274/365: {"Hey guys, like my shape-ups?"} - super femmie Blake.

 275/365: {"Now I know why they call them circus freaks."} -Brittany Aurich

 276/365: {"Crunch, crunch, crunch."} - Pumpkin seeds in my mouth

 277/365: {"I just don't understand why we can't do the pie contest now?"} - Ang 

 278/365: {"I would hate to come to Tuacahn in October! Brrrrr!" - Mom "It is October Mom...." - Britt}

279/365: {"Do you think this will break?!"} (referring to the plastic apple slicer) - Britt & Ash