Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week 41

Week 41: {explanation}
287/365: {I turned 21! Happy Birthday to me.}
288/365: {I went on a random Target shopping run after work and bought these bad boys!}
 289/365: {Astra's viewing was so cute and had so many fun pictures to look and at remember.}

290/365: {I said goodbye to an elementary best friend today. Live, Love, Breathe baby Stra!!}
 291/365: {I MET JIMMER FREDETTE in Robert's Crafts!! Check that off my Provo to-do list.}

 292/365: {Ke$ha for Halloween.}

293/365: {Happy Birthday Papa John}

Week 40

 Week 40: {Who I was with.}

 280/365: {Kellie, Ash, Emily, and my Mom} driving back from St. George.

 281/365: {Talysha and Ashley} wearing our twinner shirts at escuela. 

 282/365: {Jennifer} at the park eating dinner.

283/365: {Jennifer} at the Provo vs. Timpview football game.
 284/365: {Shalese, Michelle, Timmy, JB Cumrine, and Kyle} eating breakfast at Kneaders. 

 285/365: {Ashley, Mom and Kayden} up in Logan, UT at the Pumpkin Walk. It was so beautiful up there!!

286/365: {My family } at the BYU game for my birthday!

Week 39

 Week 39: {Quote}

273/365: {"You are tots gorg."- Kim Kardashian}

 274/365: {"Hey guys, like my shape-ups?"} - super femmie Blake.

 275/365: {"Now I know why they call them circus freaks."} -Brittany Aurich

 276/365: {"Crunch, crunch, crunch."} - Pumpkin seeds in my mouth

 277/365: {"I just don't understand why we can't do the pie contest now?"} - Ang 

 278/365: {"I would hate to come to Tuacahn in October! Brrrrr!" - Mom "It is October Mom...." - Britt}

279/365: {"Do you think this will break?!"} (referring to the plastic apple slicer) - Britt & Ash

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week 38

 Week 38: {adjectives only}

266/365: {glitter, gold, green, happy}

267/365: {birthday, pink, addidas}

 268/365: {fun, late, movie} 
**movie is used as an adjective to describe what type of night it was..."movie night". Now you know I wasn't trying to use it as a noun. haha ;)

 269/365: {zit-free, new, rainy}

 270/365: {skull n crossbones, girl, orange, black}

 271/365: {wet, rainy, fun, silly}

272/365: {Okay this one gets more than just adjectives because the story is CARAZY! As most of you know, 11 is my ultimate number and it's always a treat to see 11:11 because I just giggle quietly to myself and think of what I have to smile about. Well here's the crazy story about this picture...On Friday I looked at the clock at 11:11 a.m., 1:11 p.m. 11:11 p.m. and 1:11 a.m. then I went to bed, woke up on Saturday and as I was driving to my friend's wedding shower my odometer in my car showed 111.1 miles!! I was freaking out since I had seen so many 11's the day before. Well then I get home on Saturday night, go in the kitchen and I saw the clock at 11:11 p.m. CARAZY!!!!! Good luck in my future? I freakin hope so.}

Week 37

 Week 37: {three words}

259/365: {Fall, Canyon, Drives}

260/365: {Yummy, S'Mores, Cookies}

261/365: {New, Feather, Headbands}

262/365: {Real, Suite, Date}

263/365: {Final, Moon, Day}

264/365: {Date, BYU, Win}

265/365: {Puppy, Roxanne, Love}