Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week 12

Week 12: {explanation} of the picture

79/365: {ducks} takin a dip in the Raintree hot tub! haha

80/365: My first day of student {teaching}
81/365: A cute lil beanie baby is ready for {take-off} thanks to the cute outfit made by one of my students.

82/365: Back at {Bingham} for the Minerette showcase.

83/365: {Elite 8} BYU game! :(

84/365: {Comedy Sportz} was waaaaay good!

85/365: Midnight McDonalds run....ick, but much needed.

86/365: Someone's {sleepy} on Sunday!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 11

Week 11: {three words}
74/365: {road trip Arizona}

75/365: {first MLB game}

76/365: {hot 91 degrees}

77/365: {let's go Rockies}

78/365: {seeya spring break}

Week 10

Week 10: what I was {thinking}
69/365: "I can't believe that I'm a {teacher} already!! Parent Teacher Conferences as the teacher...what the heck!?"
70/365: "Mmmmm I sure do love {Earth Yogurt}."

71/365: "Hurry let's take the picture so I can stare at {that boy} again. Striped jacket and a type! :)"

72/365: "I love {cozy} Sundays."

73/365: "I sure do hope that {Brad} picks Emily!"
-I wonder what was going through Michelle's mind...haha She looks a little bit scared and the rest of us are all happy!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Coming soon!

It's time for Week 10 pictures to be posted, but I am leaving for a nice little roady trip to AZ today so they'll have to wait another week! While I'm sitting in the hot sun watching some hot men play baseball you will all be sitting here in anticipation. Okay so maybe nobody sits in anticipation for this blog. Not even my mom. But that's okay.
See. Hot men at baseball games. Or you could look at them as nasty steroid, chew lovin type of guys. I prefer the former.
Anyways (yes I am aware that anyway(s) doesn't have an "s", but it sounds so much better with it!) I'm off to spring break now. If you make me. Oh wait, I volunteered for this. I think I'm like a little kid on Christmas and have been excited since last night to wake up and leave. Except for the 12 hour drive part. No bueno. Alright I'm going now. I wish all of you a happy spring break!! :)

Arizona, I'm looking forward for our time together.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Week 9

Week 9 {two words}
60/365: {free pantycakes}

61/365: {another boutique!}

62/365: {hate greens}
63/365: {sale tags}

64/365: {happy birthday}

65/365: {Elder Perry}

66/365: {eleven:eleven}

67/365: {delicious JCW}

68/365: {studying Constitution}
There are my first {9} days of March! And yes I am very very very disappointed to say that I had to 'cheat' and put up a photoshop creation for March 4th because I did not take a picture that day. :( I was lucky enough though to have this new sale tag that I made for my brielle accessories to put in its place. I can't believe I forgot to take a picture....oh well let life continue! :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

{February} re-cap

As I sit here listening to "Our Song" by T-Swizzle, I can't help but be happy even though February had it's ups and downs. Not the best month of the year (okay yeah I know there have only been two, but January is so far in the lead for "best month" award.) but it's all good cause I'm {happy}.
I'm {happy} because...
  • I am adding my brielle accessories to another boutique!
  • I am prioritizing my time very effectively (thanks Stephen Covey)
  • I am accomplishing my New Year's Resolutions
  • I have a very cute little nephew
  • My hair is blonde again
  • School work is winding down -- bring on field experience baby!
  • I'm wearing a cute headband that I bought in St. George for a super deal!
  • I am hopeful
  • I believe in prayers and a Heavenly Father
  • The groundhog said that spring was come dang it!
  • Last but not least, one of my favorite songs by Sugarland just came on my iHome

Okay I am done. Thank you February for giving me a taste of fun, thank you for making me happy and then sad, thank you for having lovey dovey day so I could go out with a cute boy, thank you for giving me new opportunities to learn, grow and live! Until next year, Happy February!

That's me peacin' to February. And also my cute headband.

Week 8

Week 8 {explanation} of the picture.
55/365: Me and Ang were {angry} at our apt. complex. POST UP!

56/365: I will not explain this one for my own {humiliation's} sake. ;) There are only 3 people who will understand this picture...well maybe a few innocent bystanders at Albertson's will understand too. haha Alright, moving on!

57/365: New {make up}! Yay!

58/365: I finally got a picture with this {Beaver, UT chair} at Cheveron!
(too bad my eyes were closed cause of the bright snowy weather!)

59/365: Getting back into the {work out} scene.