Sunday, September 25, 2011

Week 36

 Week 36: {explanation of the picture}

 255/365: Lovin my {horse hair} shampoo.

 256/365: {Feather earrings}

257/365: Playing {mini golf} at Trafalga for worky work!

 255/365: My cute lil {alfalfa science egg} experiment!

 256/365: The {to-do list} my friend Jesse made for me... too bad it's harder to accomplish than it seems...haha

 257/365: {Tijiuana necklace!}

 258/365: My first {engagement shadowing}! :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Week 35

 Week 35: {3 words} 
 248/365: {Live. your Life.}

 249/365: {Slip. N. Slide}

 250/365: {Always. Reading. Textbooks}

 251/365: {Impromptu. Talent. Duet}

 252/365: {Beautiful. Evening. Sky}

 253/365: {September. Temple. Trip}

254/365: {My. Favorite. Teams}

Week 34

 Week 34: {explanation} of the picture

 241/365: This is an {inside joke} picture. Quick story: For Senior year Homecoming Dance I was wearing a long dress like this && when I took my pictures, I bent over making it look like I had a HUUUUUGE butt. When I realized that the same thing happened in this dress I thought I should take a pic!

 242/365: Happy {First Day of School 2011-12}! We celebrated with Papa Murphy's pizza!

 243/365: I wore {two different shoes} walking to school....woops! I had to come home and change. haha

 244/365: {Brielle, brielle, brielle} orders!

 245/365: Me and Kylie thought this {paper towel} was hilarious because it was flapping all over the place from the vent below! ha :)

 246/365: {UVU Volleyball Game}

247/365: Yeah that's me being a bad A {wakeboarding}. Boom baby.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Week 33

Week 33: my {thoughts}
235/365: {"Today will be a changing day..."}
236/365: {"I should take a picture of my socks because I love these socks and I have nothing else for my picture of the day."}
237/365: {"The Michelle Money hair is lookin good Bee!"}
237/365: {"Ugh.....wheat grass shots? Really?! Here we go!"}
238/365: {"I love the feeling when I go to the temple!"}
239/365: {"Reuniting with old friends is so much fun!!"}
240/365: {"WOOOOO! I'm about to shoot my first practice wedding!"}

Week 32

Week 32: {3 words}
228/365: {uno before church}
229/365: {fly committed suicide}
230/365: {I love dogs.}
231/365: {Summer swimming rocks.}
232/365: {moving all day}
233/365: {Bye Bye Chan.}
234/365: {Ebay Lagoon Day}