Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Coming soon!

It's time for Week 10 pictures to be posted, but I am leaving for a nice little roady trip to AZ today so they'll have to wait another week! While I'm sitting in the hot sun watching some hot men play baseball you will all be sitting here in anticipation. Okay so maybe nobody sits in anticipation for this blog. Not even my mom. But that's okay.
See. Hot men at baseball games. Or you could look at them as nasty steroid, chew lovin type of guys. I prefer the former.
Anyways (yes I am aware that anyway(s) doesn't have an "s", but it sounds so much better with it!) I'm off to spring break now. If you make me. Oh wait, I volunteered for this. I think I'm like a little kid on Christmas and have been excited since last night to wake up and leave. Except for the 12 hour drive part. No bueno. Alright I'm going now. I wish all of you a happy spring break!! :)

Arizona, I'm looking forward for our time together.

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