Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 3

Week 3: {3 adjectives, 1 noun}
16/365 gooey, tasty, {boring}, Sunday

17/365 beautiful, {cotton candy}, whispy, sunset

18/365 famous, coach, football {Herman Boone}
(Yes, that's the real Herman Boone from TC Williams High School. A.K.A the real life Denzel Washington from Remember the Titans!)

19/365 {purple}, funny, happy, Brittany

20/365 new, reading, exciting, {tutoring}

21/365 kind, friendly, {changing}, Friday

22/365 garlic, adventure, new, {cooking}

23/365 sweet, chubby, growing {Kayden}

24/365 frustrating, falling, {silly}, pillows

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