Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 2

Week 2: {explanation} of what I did
9/365 {Sunday Dinner} with the best friends!

10/365 {Lunch} is a time to kick back and relax!

11/365 {Oprah} inspires me in so many ways!

12/365 {School} is where I live on Wednesdays.

13/365 {At the temple} we saw Donny Osmond!

14/365 {Target} is a neccessity when I go home to visit :)

15/365 {Shopping} comes far too easy for us two!


  1. The Pizza shot is my favorite... It's so nostalgic =)

  2. Haha do you just want to eat that pizza way bad? ;) Scyler you should do a Project 365 because you would have so much fun with it! You're an awesome photographer!