Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week 40

 Week 40: {Who I was with.}

 280/365: {Kellie, Ash, Emily, and my Mom} driving back from St. George.

 281/365: {Talysha and Ashley} wearing our twinner shirts at escuela. 

 282/365: {Jennifer} at the park eating dinner.

283/365: {Jennifer} at the Provo vs. Timpview football game.
 284/365: {Shalese, Michelle, Timmy, JB Cumrine, and Kyle} eating breakfast at Kneaders. 

 285/365: {Ashley, Mom and Kayden} up in Logan, UT at the Pumpkin Walk. It was so beautiful up there!!

286/365: {My family } at the BYU game for my birthday!

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