Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Week 29

Week 30: {Explanation of the picture.}

207/365: {Visiting the Up! house in Bluffdale.}
208/365: {Watching the Spanish Fork fireworks at my Bishop's house.}
209/365: {Lovin' my new shoes from Target!}
210/365: {I'm definitely embarrassed to say that I'm painting a flower on my mom's toes in McDonalds....trailer trash? Yep.}
211/365: {I spent 4+ hours in the ER with one of the girls I work with.} (I'm not allowed to post pictures of her which is why I put Michael Jordan's face up instead :))
212/365: {Playing at Trafalga until 1:30am}
213/365: {Chan jumping to her almost death.}

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