Thursday, May 26, 2011

Week 20

Week 20: What I was {thinking}.
135/365: "Ahhh it's so nice to {relax} and have nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon!"
136/365: "{J.B.} for the 3rd night in a row? Okay!"
137/265: "I love {spring} weather!!"
138/365: "Okay I'm a big Bieber fan what? This is my favorite {acoustic song}!"
139/365: "Ugh. Why did I decide to eat this apple? I get {goosebumps} every time I eat them!"
140/365: "Live it up Ashley! Have fun at {Senior Dinner Dance}!!"
Disclaimer: We took this picture on Ashley's camera w/out an SD card and we weren't able to get the picture off her camera so I had to take a close up of her playback screen to get this for my picture of the day! haha
141/365: "Happy Birthday {Matthew and Parker}. We love and miss you lil guys everyday!"

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